Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let Ourselves Sink In The Ocean Of Love :)

It is just a short and simple sentence... But it is enough to be as an admonition in our life.

Sometimes, when the world's not on our side, we don't know where to run to. We don't know where to hide. Then, we lock ourselves in our little garden. But always remember that we are never alone. We just reach into our heart and Allah is always there. If we want a solution, seize this moment, this day before it ends. We need turn to Him, don't you see it's so clear? Believe in Allah, He's always near… Near with us….

Allah is more exalted than heaven and earth. His pleasure is more important than the greatest of rewards. So, let ourselves sink in the ocean of Loving Him...

If someone falls in love with a man, they so proudly declare their love to the whole world!! They will so excited to speak their feeling out loudly.
Should we keep the urge inside our heart? Because the one we fall in love with is Him???
If they could shout out loudly about their love...why couldn't we???

P/s: tibe2 rase nak post in English plak, hu3

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